University of Torino
Graduate Program in Physics

XXXI Cycle

Congratulations! "INFN Francesco Resmini Prize 2020" has been awarded to
-Veronica Ferrero-Tutor: P. Cerello
"Online range monitoring in particle therapy with the INSIDE PET detector"
-Sviatoslav Ditalia Tchernij-Tutor: P. Olivero
"Use of energetic ion beams for the engineering and control of quantum-optical emitters and sensors in
artificial diamond”

XXXI Cycle 
Congratulations! "INFN Sergio Fubini Prize 2019"  has been awarded to Silvia Manconi - Tutors: F. Donato
"Unveiling Universe’s cosmic messengers"

XXX Cycle

Congratulations! Third Edition of "G. Lorenzoni" Prize has been awarded to Eloisa Poggio for her work "The Galactic warp revealed by Gaia DR2" Tutors: A. Spagna e R. Drimmel

Congratulations! "INFN Sergio Fubini Prize 2017"  has been awarded to Stefano Gariazzo - Tutors: C. Giunti, N. Fornengo
"New Developments in Cosmology"

XXV Cycle
Congratulations! “Premio Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti” has been awarded to Elisa Fiorina, tutor: P. Cerello

Congratulations! "2010 NPSS Student Paper Award, first prize"  has been awarded to Thanushan Kugathasan at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, tutor: A. Rivetti

XXII Cycle
Congratulations! "INFN Francesco Resmini Prize 2010"  has been awarded to Simona Giordanengo, tutor: R. Cirio
"Design,  implementation and test of the hardware and software for the fast control of  the dose delivery system of centro nazionale di adroterapia oncologica  (CNAO)"

Congratulations! "INFN Marcello Conversi Prize 2010"  has been awarded to Antonio Vilela Pereira, tutor: M. Arneodo
"Prospects for the measurement of hard diffraction with the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider"

XXI Cycle  
Congratulations! "INFN Sergio Fubini Prize 2009"  has been awarded to Livia Ferro and Roberto Lineros.

Livia Ferro - Tutor: M. BillÚ
"Applications of String Theory: Non-perturbative Effects in Flux Compactifications and Effective Description of Statistical  Systems"
Roberto Lineros - Tutor: N. Fornengo
"Study of positrons from cosmic rays interactions and cold
dark matter annihilations in the galactic enviroment"