University of Torino
Graduate Program in Physics

Students are enrolled into a theoretical CV or an experimental CV, depending on the main research activity they will pursue during their graduate studies.
During the first two years, students must obtain a minimum number of 60 credits (CFU) on the basis of courses and seminars.

Courses can be chosen from:
Graduate School courses (1 CFU every 4 hours)
- Undergraduate courses (from Laurea Magistrale) (1 CFU every 8 hours)
- Courses from other Graduate School programs

At least 20 CFU must be obtained from the courses.

The students who intend to pursue a theoretical curriculum are
specifically required to follow 5 mandatory courses (those denoted by the letter "T" in the Courses page) and to successfully pass a written test in the form of a take-home exam.

Summer Schools: 1 CFU per day,  up to 10 max.

Workshops not strictly related to the research activity: up to 4 CFU each.

Tutoring: up to 6 CFU for a max of 18 hours. PhD students can carry out a limited tutoring activity during the 2nd year. More details here.

Remember that most of the credits should be obtained in the first year on the basis of graduate courses and schools.
More details can be found on this official document (in italian).

At the beginning of the second and third year students must fill the registration form for the next year (see form).

At the end of each year (before September 30, October 30 only for XXXV cycle) students must present an Annual Report on their activity in the past year (see the form).

At the end of the second year, students will give a seminar on their research activity to the Faculty of the School, in order to show that their research activity is sufficiently advanced.
The PhD Thesis can be written in English or Italian. Note that it is expected that the research work for the thesis should lead to publications on refereed journals. A Thesis without publications will not be in general considered acceptable.