University of Torino
Graduate Program in Physics

Graduate education in physics is based on the premise that the Ph.D. is a research degree. The program has two main goals: the development of a broad background in basic physics, and, through the completion of a thesis, the expansion of research abilities in a more specialized area. 

The Physics Departments in Torino have active research programs in both experimental and theoretical physics, together with the research done at the local INFN unit. We try to integrate graduate students into the research projects already in the first year of the program. 

The Physics departments in Torino have fruitful collaborations with many scientific institution, both at local level (Astronomical Observatory, IFSI-National Institute for Astrophysics, CNR) and at international level (CERN, Gran Sasso Laboratory, Fermilab, JINR, etc). 

Every year,  a few grants are available for the best students (see admission). Some of the grants are reserved for foreign candidates. The grant covers the complete three-year program with a monthly salary of around 1400 Euros. 

Students in the graduate program have access to the laboratories, to the library and to the central computer system. Adequate office space and computer resources are available, as well as an allocation for research-related travel.