University of Torino
Graduate Program in Physics


Students have to send the list of courses they intend to follow in
the current year to Prof. Barbaro (,
and Prof. Costa ( and to Prof. Masera (

The students who intend to pursue a theoretical curriculum are specifically required to follow 5 mandatory courses (those denoted by the letter "T")


    CFU Prof Title
T 01 5 Pesando

Introducing Susy

T 02 5 Panero

Introduction to large N-limit
T 03 5 Beraudo   Nardi
Introduction to the Physics of the Quark-Gluon Plasma

T 04 5
Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics
05 5 Jung Standard Model Effective Field Theory and its applications in Flavour Physics

06 4 Arcidiacono Calorimetry in particle physics experiments

07 2
Experimental techniques for neutron detection

08 6 Bianchi Data Analysis Techniques

09 3 Botta
The hunt for physics Beyond the Standard Model

10 4 Mandurrino Numerical simulation of silicon particle detectors

11 4

The Cherenkov detectors for particle and astroparticle physics

Big Data Science and Machine Learning

13 5 Degiovanni Quantum communication

14 3 De Lillo Introduction to Turbulence

Experimental implementation of quantum devices

16 2
Case studies in the history of physics

17 3 Camera
Introduction to relativistic theory of cosmological perturbations

18 4 Sozzetti Search and characterization for extrasolar planets

19 3 Spagna Chemo-dynamical evolution of the Milky Way

Courses can also be choosen from:
Other Graduate School courses (1 CFU every 4 hours)
- Undergraduate courses (from Laurea Magistrale, for example,
                                        1 CFU every 8 hours)

At least 20 CFU must be obtained from the courses.

T: mandatory for theoretical curriculum
Responsible for the theoretical CV: Prof. M. B. Barbaro
Responsibles for the experimental CV:  Prof. M. Costa,
Prof. M. Masera